Rodent Tracker -
Will Show You
Where The Rodents,
Mice, Rats, Squirrels
are coming in!
Like Having
Rodent Radar!
Using the most up to date technology. We Say: "our Rodent Tracker is almost like having your
own radar."

Don't know where the rodents are coming in from?
Don't know where the rodents are going once they are inside?

They make holes (fast) to move around in your home/business - which holes are they?


We Say: "Rats, Mice and all rodents, get in your house, but what is worse is that they get in your

- Rodent Tracker will show you!

How can you possibly fight an intruder that you don't see and don't know where he's going or

You can get rid of all rodents, mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks from your home or business if
you have the right knowledge and tools - its that easy!

Our company specializes in putting in your hands the knowledge needed to win the war in
rodent control. You don't need expensive exterminators, starting at $100 per month (they set
you up on a contract you know)

To win
any war, you must kill the enemy (preferably the faster the better) and cut off their supply
routes, their roads and highways.

It is the
same in your home!

Killing them fast, there is nothing faster, cleaner or more efficient than the Raticator.
See our other website for the Raticator - it kills rats, mice and all rodents on contact!
That is fast!

Rodents may be smart, sturdy survivors but they are no match to the tools we offer.

All you need to get rid of rats, mice, squirrels or any rodents for that matter is some steel wool
or even better, copper mesh (to plug the correct holes when you find them).

You also need the Rodent Tracker to show you exactly where these holes are (once you plug
these holes, you are stopping their movement).

Purchase Rodent Tracker Here.
Purchase Rodent Elimination Kit Here ( that is 1 Raticator Plus& 1 Rodent Tracker)

Lastly you need our famous Raticator which you can purchase here or click the link for our
entire website devoted to this amazing rodent killing machine. There is nothing faster, more
humane or efficient in rodent control than 'The Raticator'.
see more

We suggest these 2 items with some steel wool or copper mesh and get ready to win back your
home! We've seen hundreds of happy customers and get emails all the time from satisfied
people who have gained control back from the rodents.

Why does the Rodent Tracker and The Raticator work so well with steel wool?

Because we just think it makes 'logical sense'. If you could stop the movement of rodents from
moving all over your home/business (like they currently do) and figure out where they are
coming in from. (Again the Rodent Tracker does this). And then once you plug these holes use
The Raticator to quickly and cleanly (there is absolutely no blood, or mess or poisons with The
Ratzapper) kill the remaining rodents now trapped inside your home.

What you've done is simply SOLVED your rodent problem - you've won the war back against the
rats, mice, squirrels and rodents by tracking them, stopping them and killing them!

In Rodent
Here Is How Rodent Tracker Works!
Like your own will detect them, track them and
stop them!

Developed by accident...

Suit manufacturer in Europe, finds that their expensive wool
stolen by rats and mice!


Nothing makes their nests more warm and cozy!
Doesn't wool make our cold nights - warmer?

That is why the rats and mice - love it! And that is why we
use it too.

But when this happened, we realized we had the 'perfect bait'
- since they love this wool so much!
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Who we are?

Paris Group Inc.
Specializes in Rodent Control and Elimination.
Using our 2 amazing products; the Raticator and the Rodent Tracker.
If you need to find out how these rats and mice are coming into your home or business,
then the Rodent Tracker is for you!

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USA Office: Paris Group Inc. c/o Benlin
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Pricing and some more Rodent Tracker Information:
More Pictures Of The Rodent Tracker In Action!
Setting Up Rodent Tracker for the first time.
See Our Other Product The Raticator! (you need both plus some steel wool to get the edge over rodents)
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Watch this quick
video on how the
rodent tracker
Showing you
exactly where the
rats & mice are
coming in from!